Monday, August 29, 2016

A Turkish Tradition: Ask for the girl in marriage

Turkish people have an unusual tradition called asking for the girl. What is that?
I'm sure you're curious.
Let me introduce. :)

You know, if you have a relationship as a boy and you decide to marry with her, you have to propose marriage. 

In Turkey, after this ceremony, the families from both sides become a part of this activity. As a boy's side, you must prepared a meeting at girl's home. You have to go with your mom, dad, siblings and grandparents if you have. Girl's side also consists of the same people+sometimes her close friends. In that day, the bride wears plain and elegant and the groom wears his best suit. The boy's side buys desert and flowers while they're going.

At that moment...
They sit together and continuously ask how they are each other.

-How are you?
We're fine, and you?
-We're ok. Thank you.
-How are you otherwise?
We're ok. You?
We're fine. Thanks.

Sometimes you hear sentences like this:
-Weather is very nice, isn't it?
- Yes, yes. It was cold lately.

All of this bullshits come from excitement.

At that time,
Girl brings turkish coffee for everyone. But there's an exception for boy. When she makes a coffee, she puts much more salt and red pepper for him. He has to drink it. It will be very difficult for him but it's his exam:)

This coffee cup is made up for groom.
The letter on the saucerful means ''Resist groom!'' :)
At last, his father or grandfather begin to talk about main issue. 

He says:

''In the ordinance of Allah's (God’s) holy order and the commands and blessing of our prophet we ask for your daughter to join our son in marriage.''

The girl's dad thinks about that and sometimes asks to his daughter. Generally, he says: we gave. (means we let) 

And then...

Senior member of the family wears their rings.

What do you think about this tradition?
It's so important and mandatory for our culture.
Share your comments with me! 

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