Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Have you ever imagined a life without technology?

Thanks to technology,  the life has become easier and more comfortable today. We can reach lots of information immediately. We can communicate with the people from all over the world. We can watch a concert from the furthest place of the world or we can write for the people we’ve never met before in our blogs. That’s to say, all of us have their reasons to be part of technology.

After all…

Have you ever imagined a day without technology?
Let’s consider that you don’t have your mobile phone, ipad, computer etc. What would life be in this situation? Would it be difficult or easy for you? Your answer is keyword.

Nowadays, the majority of people find it difficult. No doubt, these people is virtually transforming a robot day by day. They have  monotonous day. Like a vicios circle: wake up, open your computer, wash your face, use the toilet, make a breakfast, sit down in the face of computer, break for your needs, sit down again, dinner, computer and go to bed.

Some people of this category have better situation. They don’t spend all their day coping with computer;but they make an impression as addicted. They can’t speak very well. They usually inexpress themselves. Because, the only thing they do is following other people, liking their photos and sharing his/her every moments. Most of these sharings are lie. In short, they perform their role very professionally and then they also go to bed.

If you’re one of these people…

Could you please tell me what the results are? At the end of the day, how do you feel yourself? Are you happy and satisfactory? Did this addiction contribute a lot to you? Did you learn something new? I hope you’ll share your answers with me.

Let’s think about the other kind of people.

They are intelligent , successful and ordinate by reason of their planned life style. They know what and when to do. When they are at a cafe with their friends, they look at their faces instead of looking at phone. They are healthy because they’ve never spent their time looking at devices and bending the neck. They are active and sportive unlike addicted people.

We’re living in an information age where the use of technology is essential. However, it must not mean you have to be controlled by technology. We are human not robot, so we shouldn’t forget our values and responsibilities especially against us.

I make an offer for you.

Try for tomorrow not to take your phone.

Put it your drawer.

Get out and look at the beauties of the world, the truth you forget about their existence.

Walk around and breath.

No need the earphones. Listen to the music of birds.

Greet someone while looking straight in the eye.

Realize the good part of the world.

Read a book for hours.

Feel this moment.

Finally, the day after tomorrow, you can share your ideas with me.

I will be waiting for you :)

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