Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Turkish Flag

Turkish flag
I'd like to mention about Turkish flag's history. 

You know flag is a symbol of a nation and its independent. Its value is very important for Turkish people. We never let it fall and keep in the best part of our home. It has white crescent and star on red background. This star was 8 cornered at first. It was accepted official flag of Ottoman Empire for the first time in 1793. It was decided to be 5 cornered in Abdulmecid's time. Its shape became definite.

According to legend:

The night after Kosovo war that Ottoman Empire defeated, crescent and star reflected to the blood bath in battle field. Thus, this symbol was started to use.

According to other legend:

Osman Gazi who is the founder of Ottoman Empire dreamt a cresdant and star in his chest and it began to enlarge. He commented this dream for the size of his country and decided to use this as a  symbol of flag.

It's considered to refer to religion,Islam but it has a lot of signs from shamanism, the oldest Turkish religion. We can say that these symbols are contributed to Islam by Turks. 

Here is the tallest Turkish flag. It's located in Ankara/Cebeci Park.
The pole legth is 100 metre. The flag is 300 square meter.
This is the biggest Turkish flag,4532 square meter.  It's located in Mersin. 

These are the Azerbaijan's and Tunusia's flags. They resembles to Turkish flags. In addition, there are lots of flags like ours. They have only different colours.

To me, Turkish flag is a symbol of our spirit. You look and you live whatever it means. When we look at, we know that our ancestors died in the cause of this country and we owe to them. I want to  translate for you a Turkish writer's(Mehmet Akif Ersoy) verses. Besides, he's the writer of our independence march.

* He's lying after shotting from immaculate forehead
 Fore the sake of a crescent ya Rab( Our God),  suns are  sinking. (Suns mean a lot of Turkish people   shining like a sun.)

What do you think about Turkish flag after reading this topic? If you share your comments with me, I'll be happy. :)