Monday, September 12, 2016

Eid al-adha

Today is one of our religious day: Eid al-adha ( Festival of the sacrifices) 

What is the importance of this day?

With God's command, İbrahim prophet (Abraham) had to sacrifice his son, then Allah(God) sent his angel Cebrail(Gabriel) to prevent this. When he looked around, he saw a ram and sacrificed it.

It means surrender, sacrifice all of you and give thanks to  God. 

According to Hijjah calendar, it has been celebrated for 4 days and beginned tenth day of Hijjah. Eid al-adha is also known the end of pilgrimage in Makah.

The meat is generally divided into 3 parts. The families who sacrificed together take two part and the remaining is given to the poor and needy.

 The nineth day of this month called Arefe(eve(, the day before the Bairam.) It's rather important.

How to celebrate these days?

Men pray salat al aid.
Animals are sacrified at first or second day of festival.

Everyone visit each other. First, you have to visit your grandparents and kiss their hand. Every home you visit, you should eat their honouring.

 People who are offended each other make peace.

Children give pocket money from elders and they go from house to house, add sugar and chocolate.

I'd like to be child again. :)

Happy eid for all Muslims!